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Where to charge your EV in Braintree

Here’s a helpful map of Braintree’s available chargers for Electric Vehicles (EVs). Additional information for each charging station location is below. To find more charging stations in MA and beyond, visit or install their free mobile app.

Level 2 with 2 plugs. Located just before parking lot exit, against the dealership building. (Dealership Owned)

Level 2 with 2 plugs. Located to the right of the service reception garage door and left of the showroom entrance. (Dealership Owned)

Fast Charging – Level 3 charging.

  • Tesla Super Charger – 8 plugs up to 72kW. Located on 2 level of parking garage on Nordstrom side. Lower profile super chargers against the wall. (Tesla Owned)
  • Electrify America – 5 CCS/SAE plugs up to 150 kW and 1 CHAdeMO plug up to 50kW. Inside the covered parking garage next to Sears. Ground level, southeast corner. Also 1 level 2 plug. (Electrify America Owned)
  • EVgo – 2 CCS/SAE plugs and 2 CHAdeMO plugs up to 50kW, located at parking level 1, next to Red Robin entrance and marked by green pillars. Also 2 level 2 plugs. (EVgo Owned)

Level 2 with 4 plugs. Located near Central Ave entrance to parking lot. (Town Owned)

Level 2 with 5 plugs. Located in the prepaid “pick up/ drop off” sections of the parking lot, on the left side near the exit of the garage. (MBTA Owned)

Level 2 with 2 plugs. Located in the rear parking lot by the tennis courts. (Town Owned)

Level 2 with 4 plugs, 2 dual head units. One located on the upper level when entering the parking area, and one located at the lower level behind the building.

Only accessible 8:30am – 4pm Monday – Friday. (Town Owned)

Level 2 with 4 plugs. Located in upper parking lot next to stairs leading down to building entrance. (BELD Owned)

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