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Used car shopping? The best kept secret is ELECTRIC

Used car shopping? The best kept secret is ELECTRIC

For many drivers, buying a brand-new car is not something that fits their budget. What few consumers realize is that over 80% of the first generation of affordable electric vehicles (EVs) were leased, so that many plug-ins are now entering the used car market. And like new electrics, used electrics cost significantly less to “fuel” and maintain, and may even save the driver as much per month as the car’s monthly payment! Great deals on affordable used electric cars is a best kept secret, now exposed.

Local used car dealers and EV rewards programs previously focused on new cars are also taking notice. At a well-known local pre-owned/used car dealer in, an auction buyer is bringing affordable used plug-ins into their regular inventory, such as a 2013 model recently listed for just $9,988. The non-profit Green Energy Consumers Alliance is also getting involved in supporting the used EV market. “We just soft-launched our used car portal,” said Anna Vanderspek of GECA’s Drive Green Program. “It’s currently populated with 19 deals, and there are many more to come.” Check out GECA’s pre-owned EV portal:

BELD offers support to help its customers with every aspect of electric car shopping as well as incentives through its EV program called Braintree Drives Electric. The Bring Your Own Charger® Program is valuable EV rewards program open to any Braintree resident who charges a plug-in vehicle at home. Customers will get the equivalent of up to 175 miles of free EV driving each month—or up to 2,100 miles per year—per vehicle by agreeing to charge up their EV only overnight and on weekends. BELD is also offering EV owners a rebate of $250 to help offset the cost of installing some or all components of a Level 2 system for higher speed charging of an electric vehicle at your home if they first enroll in the BYOC program. For more information and to sign up, visit

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